Within the world of self-cultivation of marijuana, Pollinator Shop has quickly positioned itself as a leader in the creation of devices for extracting cannabis trichomes; first dry with the Pollinator machine and then with bags with sieves designed for hashish extractions with ice and water, the famous Ice-O-Lator.

The Pollinator Crew team and its founder Mila have premiered the Dab A Doo Party at the 26th edition of the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam (2013) at the Coffee Shop Prix d'Ami, a competition in which professionals from around the world (Europe , USA…) have presented samples of cannabis concentrates, extracted with or without solvent (that is, chemically or mechanically).

An exciting personal account from Mila, one of the cannabis industry's only female icons!

This is the powerful autobiography of the cannabis world's foremost pioneer.
For over fifty years, Mila has been at the heart of the marijuana scene, first during the Amsterdam hippie movement of the 1960s, and later as the world-renowned inventor of revolutionary hash-making technology.

Mila, also known as “The Hash Queen”, was recently honored with being named one of the 100 most influential people in the world of cannabis, and her fame continues to expand.



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